Sunday, May 31, 2009

i {want to} give up...

...but i won't.

But I want to.

I've tried nine times - yes NINE times - to run a half marathon in under 2 hours. 1:59:59 is all I'm askin' here folks. And I can't seem to do it.

Sure, for some of those races {cough cough, Nike Women's, cough cough} it just wasn't attainable. But yesterday, I ran in the See Jane Run half marathon in Alameda, CA. It's flat. It's nearly at sea-level. And I had trained at a 9-minute mile pace and under.

{aren't running pictures just beautiful?!}

I trained mostly with two other girls. They both made it in under 2 hours.

They both made it in WELL under 2 hours, not just seconds to spare.

I started off great...and I paced myself so I wouldn't crash. And then "crash" I did. My legs just would not keep up. I felt okay, I pushed myself and I was giving it my all. But I guess my 'all' just wasn't good enough.

And it leaves me to wonder. Some people just have it in them. They're just runners. It's easy for them and they're naturally good at it. Running is not easy for me. And I'm not naturally good at it. But, I do take pride in the fact that I've worked hard at it and I feel good when I do it. And I usually enjoy the results of improvement.

Yesterday, I didn't enjoy those results. I ran a PR {personal record}, but for some reason that wasn't enough. It wasn't my goal. The ONLY reason I signed up for this race was to run it in under two hours. That didn't happen and now I'm just bummed that I'm out the money and the time it took. I could have run 13.1 miles around my neighborhood...and had a less stressful week for doing it.

I'm contemplating just becoming a trainer. I seem to have a knack for running with others who have goals...and they always reach their goals. Maybe I'm just a good supporter and encourager...and maybe I just haven't found the right kind of support or encouragement that I need at that crucial point in the race {probably because they're all ahead of me by that point}. I don't know.

But...I'd love some tips. To those of you who have set goals and attained them...what are your secrets? How can I run faster? How can I not crash? How can I start to really enjoy running again???

Thursday, May 28, 2009

spring recital 2009

a success. 

a little bit of may...

we've done more than just watch American Idol at our house...we also watch Biggest Loser, Dancing with the Stars, Castle, The Office, 30 Rock and lots of other stuff. And...

a bit of leisurely reading (and toenail painting)...enjoying our new fan (it really works!)...a bit of working out...a yummy memorial day bbq with these beauties (and their cute families)...a baby shower for a beautiful new mom and a precious baby girl (while ryan and leah had a picnic in her room to stay out of our hair)...and a memorial weekend hike with these guys... poor, poor livvy got car sick on the way up (as in tossed her cookies car sick)...but her parents made up for it by carrying her around in her chariot for the duration of the hike. you can't tell from the picture, but they were feeding her grapes as they walked. and p.s. remember to bring your jacket on a hike. no matter what. it was warm when we started...and then all those clouds rolled in. freeeeeeeeezing. leah looks really cute with a red nose.

more to come. in the next 46 hours: two baby showers, one piano recital, one half marathon, one carnival...and probably something that i've forgotten about. i'm off...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

THOROUGHLY surprised and thoroughly happy

wow. i didn't see it coming. but i'm so glad it did. ryan's been calling me a nerd all night and i don't care. kris is the only contestant this season from whom i've purchased anything on iTunes. great choice, America.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

first day of school?

Leah started school today.

I keep thinking, "I'm not old enough to have a child in school. Leah's not old enough to go to school." And then I remember I'm right. I'm not old enough. She's not old enough.

But it's not that kind of school. We still have a few more years for that one.

She started some schooling today through the state to help her with her gross motor skills and her speech/communication delays. Two days a week for a few hours.

The teacher is great. The aides are great. The other kids are great. Two of them have Down's Syndrome. When I first saw them, I worried because I didn't think Leah was that far behind...but then I quickly realized there isn't any other group of kids with whom I'd rather have her spending time. They are beyond sweet.

So, here's to the first day of school. And progress. And new friends. And fun, new back-to-school outfits. She won't look so cute in the future. 'Arts and crafts' doesn't bode well with nice, new clothes. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

i'm one lucky girl... be sandwiched between two of the coolest girls i know.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Today we ran the Los Altos Hills Pathways 10k (me) and 5k (ryan).

Two years ago Ryan got 3rd place in his age division for the 5k.

Last year he got 2nd.

This year, he was determined to get first. Only, this was his quote last night: "Crap! I can't believe I forgot to train for the race tomorrow."

Yah, so when we got there this morning and saw more people, by far, than we have ever seen at this race, thoughts of him achieving that elusive number one spot quickly fled from our minds. He just mentioned he wanted to beat "her" - a nearly 80 old lady off in the distance (he did).

After I crossed the finish line, I asked him how he did. His response?: "Pretty good."

Then I talked to some of my friends. One said, "Isn't it cool that Ryan got first in his age division!?"


Yah, he did. He got first place. And now he says he's retiring from running.

Here's the group...some of us at least:

And here is a map of the elevation for the 10k: You can give kudos if you'd like. I don't mind. Oh, and Kudos to Kristen who competed in her first-ever race! Yay Kristen!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


01 child
02 degrees
03 apartments
04 jobs
05 {i can't think of anything for five. hehe.}
06 yearsHappy SIXTH anniversary to my one and only...