Thursday, January 31, 2008


so, not much going on around here, but i thought i'd share some leahisms...just things she likes to do as of late.

if you were to stop by our apartment, you would most likely see leah looking something like this: hair in a mowhawk (one or two, depending on the hairdo of the day) because she has torn out her elastic(s) and bow(s), and a sock in her mouth, probably making some sort of loud noise.

if you stop by at night, you'll see a similar leah. this time of day, she's just naked, her hair is not in a neat mowhawk, but rather in daddy's special hairdo...and she still has a sock in her mouth. still making a loud noise.

leah loves to "peek" at things. in this photo, she's peeking around the couch to try and see the tv - to no avail...kind of an amazing shot since both socks are still on her feet...not for long, i'm sure.

this one is her oatmeal booger. she was eating breakfast and wiped the oatmeal all over her face. this one hung like that and i thought it was funny...mostly bribery for later in life.

and here she is with her bathtub duck in her mouth. she didn't have socks to suck on, so this was a second best. notice the mowhawk, the squinty eyes and another of her personal favs, the shoulder shrug.

this week, she also learned what a snake says. you will often find her singing "hissssssss hisssssssssss" to herself.

Friday, January 25, 2008

flasback friday - 1 year ago

so, i've seen this "flashback friday" thing on a few people's blogs and i think it's fun. so, i was contemplating what i was doing exactly one year ago:

*jan. 22 - last day of work at BYU
*jan. 23 - clean provo apt. and pack up van (can i give a shout out to kelli and the lovely ladies and gentlemen of the BYU 59th ward - you're great!)
*jan. 24 - warm breakfast at shmoj's (seriously, mom...thank you so much!) and then started our journey to california...stopped in sparks, nevada for the night...we were exhausted!
*jan. 25 - sparks, nevada to home sweet home in mtn. view, california

this was my view on january 24th and 25th...BORING! i was driving our car, following ryan in our budget moving van. i seriously memorized every single word and number on the back of that van. and, although sitting in a car for an entire day while 8 mos. pregnant isn't what i would call comfortable, i did have music...poor ryan only had a radio that didn't get reception for a good deal of the trip.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

11 months

can you believe it? eleven months already. time has flown by.

for all who are interested: still not crawling; still no teeth.

but...she claps her hands (and feet), waves hello and goodbye (usually to herself in the mirror), babbles all day long, dances, wiggles, sings and loves to play with her books. she is awful at church because she loves to be noisy. her smile consists of a giant, cheesy grin and a huge squint of her eyes. she can support herself on her hands and knees, but then laughs rigth at me and falls to her stomach. she loves to stand up against things like the couch and piano bench. she mostly sleeps on her stomach now, which is good news for the hair growth on the back of her head. yay! (pigtails on the back of her head coming soon...) her favorite foods are: any type of fruit, oatmeal and toast with cheese. she usually eats what we eat for dinner and ham fried rice was a success last night! she just learned how to sip from a straw, which is very liberating for me. she loves the bath and is a great splasher...especially when it's dad's turn to bathe her. we love our little leah.

Monday, January 14, 2008

sock heaven

leah's new favorite toy. once she discovered them...and discovered that they were removable, there was no turning back. hours of pure enjoyment.

(sorry about the blurry feet...i don't think i need to explain...)

team McLayworth

Meet team McLayworth...
Scott and Rachel McPhie, Maren Layton, Kristin and Paul Hepworth.

Ryan is a self-proclaimed non-member of this team as it's a running team. sigh. But, he makes for a great cheerer and baby sitter, so i cannot complain. Together we have run a thanksgiving day turkey trot (where ryan did join us) and a new year's day 10k (pictured) where Paul placed 2nd in his age division for men and i placed 3rd in my age division for women. yay! we are all planning on running the Salt Lake Half Marathon in April. wish us luck!

bike heaven

thanks to duff and phelps, my dear, sweet husband has gained some unwanted lbs. get back in shape, (and since he absolutely DESPISES running...unless he's chasing some sort of ball), he decided to start biking. for those of you unfamiliar with the biking industry (as i was not so long ago), it's not the most inexpensive thing in town. after lots of searching, surfing, comparing, contrasting, price matching and more, ryan finally purchased a bike...a cannondale synapse 3. and he is in love. i don't doubt that he still loves me and leah, he just really loves his bike right now. it was like christmas all over again when the box was shipped to our house (as noted by that crazy look in his eyes). after a few rides (and much thanks to jona), we now know what other pieces of equipment are essential. coming of ryan in much-coveted spandex.

date night?

yup, that's right...our first real date since february 2007. we went to a movie (in the theater!) and then out to ice cream. we'd like to give a shout out to the mcphies for watching leah even though we may have caused some spousal contention. and we look forward to another date night coming soon...

Monday, January 7, 2008

she said gleeba!!!

so, all of you "friends" fans out there will know exactly what i'm talking about. leah babbles all the time...and occasionally says things like "ma ma" "da da" "night night" "ball" and "bye dad" (and knows what they mean) but yesterday she said her real first word: "mmm bop". for real. she did. and it totally reminded me of that friends episode where emma says gleeba (

and, since i don't like posts without pictures, here's one of my favs...a nighttime ritual of daddy coming home from work and leah exploring his face.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

happy 2008!

i wouldn't let her eat the glasses...she wasn't too happy with me...