Sunday, June 5, 2016

A delicious lie

I have to record the following conversation I had with Kate earlier this week. This girl, I tell ya. 

Thursday morning, Kate and Leah went to my friend Haley's house for a little bit while I was at a doctor's appointment. When I picked them up and got in the car, I asked Kate what they did and if they had a good time. This was our conversation:

Mom: Did you guys have fun at Miss Haley's?
Kate: Yes! 
Mom: What did you do?
Kate: We ate a yummy snack.
Mom: Oh really? What snack?
Kate: Crepes. 
Mom: Grapes?
Kate: No. Crepes!
Mom: Crepes? The ones that look like really flat pancakes?
Kate: Yes! Those ones. With that chocolate stuff, what's that called?
Mom: Nutella!?!
Kate:  Yah! Tella! And strawberries. And bananas. 
Mom: Seriously? That was your snack!?
Kate:  Yah. It was yummy. 
Mom: Did Leah eat some too?
Kate: No. She didn't want any. 

Intermission. Feeling a serious need to up my snack game when Haley's kids are at my house (they usually get something amazing like veggie straws), I texted her to tell her thank you for such a delicious snack for my girls. She responded with: "Ummm...that is a classic case of Kate telling tales. I served crackers and grapes!"

Yah. Nice Kate. 

So I continued our conversation after her quiet time. 

Mom: Kate. What was your snack again at Miss Haley's house?
Kate: Crepes. And what's that chocolate stuff?
Mom: Nutella. 
Kate: Yah. Crepes and tella. 
Mom: Kate. I'm going to give you a chance to tell me the truth about your snack today. Think about your answer. What did you really eat at Miss Haley's house?
Kate: [Pause] Crepes and tella. With strawberries and bananas. 
Mom: Kate. I talked to Miss Haley. 
Kate: Why...what did she tell you?
Mom: Kate. I'm giving you one more chance to tell me the truth about your snack. 
Kate: [Pause.] [Still pausing.] Crackers. And grapes. And fruit snacks. 
Mom: Thank you. Why did you lie to me about a snack?
Kate: I fought you might be mad at me for lying. 
Mom: No, not why did you lie to me about lying about your snack. Why did you lie to me and tell me you had crepes in the first place?
Kate: Oh. Because I really wanted crepes and tella. 
Mom: [Sigh.] If you wanted crepes and Nutella, just tell me you want crepes and Nutella (heaven knows I want it too!). You don't need to make up a lie about eating it when you didn't!
Kate: Oh. Okay. 

Seriously! Thankfully she's usually not a very good liar - I can, way more often than not, see right through her. But this was executed perfectly. And with detail! And for no reason at all! I'm glad it was about something as silly as a snack, but worried about what she might lie about in the future. 

Suggestions...and prayers...and chocolate all accepted.