Saturday, February 27, 2010

sequoia trail run

i ran this.without much training {which was a bad idea for a 20k}.

in the mud. it rained for a few days before. our shoes were sticking in the mud. we were slipping up and down hills. we climbed through trees.and although we were tired, we had a great time. and i can't really complain because i ran it with molly who had a baby 4 months ago. it was her first race post-baby. it was my first race post-lazy. that doesn't sound nearly as cool.we finished. and this is our can't make this kind of stuff up, people.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

valentimes day 2010

i had to say it. it's one of my biggest pet peeves.

it's valentiNes day. with an N, people.

i'd be rich if i had a penny for each time i heard it incorrectly this year.

despite the ear-wrenching mispronunciations, we had a great time celebrating the day of looooove.

leah thoroughly enjoyed her package from grandma and grandpa layton. the glasses are a hit with all her friends. thanks for sending more than one!
and i was pretty much giddy using my new dymo label maker to print love messages on her valentine candy necklaces. and label my baking containers. and print names on piano books. and stash secret messages throughout the house. and entertain kids. and annoy ryan.
i {heart} it.

happy valentine's day!

thirty minus one

the countdown is on. 365 days before ryan's funeral (355 as of today). we will be celebrating the passing of his youth next february 14th, so he better make this year a good one.

29 reasons leah loves ryan (ryan laughed out loud at "he wipes my bum") hung on the kitchen cupboard:
the cake {pink at his's cherry}:the dinner {had to put a vday spin on it, right!?}: the man {at prom 2010 with his hot, hot date...hours before 30-1}:the man {the day of}. he shares his big day with the day of love and this year he shared it with the day of rest, so it wasn't too wild. i gave leah and ryan stacking blocks so they can play together. i'm so smart.

she's always on the go...

leah is always moving.


she never stops.

back and forth. back and forth. up and down. back and forth. go. go. go.

if her legs aren't moving, her fingers are. she's a professional snapper.

she's also a professional breath holder. takes it to the limit, but never passes out.

she's just constantly moving.

so one day (january 30th to be exact), i decided to put a pedometer on her.

{background: the average american does not surpass 2,000 steps in a day. the average american should be taking 10,000 steps a day. i usually only hit 10,000 if i go on a run. i average 1,500 steps a mile when i run...about 2,000 a mile when i walk. so, because leah has a much shorter stride, she'd need to take quite a few more steps than me to hit a mile. back to leah...}like i was saying, i decided to put a pedometer on her.


the girl hit 23,309.

yes. twenty three thousand three hundred nine steps.

oh, and that was including an hour and a half nap and waiting to put the pedometer on until she had been awake for an hour and a half. basically, leah walks more in an hour than you and i walk all day.

i love this picture of her. shows the little pedometer attached to her jammies. and i couldn't even snap a decent picture before she was on the go again.

sf ballet: take one

i got a mini version of season tickets to the san francisco ballet with three friends. we "splurged" for good seats, and i'm glad we did...third row! basically we paid a few dollars extra to be down on the floor and go to five ballets during the 2010 season. i'm assuming it's a way for them to fill up the seats. and i love it!
we went for the first time on february 9th. so fun to catch up with dyan. cheryl is a hoot. katie couldn't make it so shayla took her place. the company did 3 numbers:

opus 19/the dreamer was okay. it was the san francisco ballet company, so really it was more than okay, but it wasn't my favorite of the night. and the lead male's leotard was waaaaay too tight to boot.

ghosts was incredible. i loved the choreography and i've definitely picked some favorite leads to watch for in upcoming performances. i'm not usually a fan of super modern choreography, but i really loved it in this piece.

company b was set to music from the andrews sisters. they were dressed up in 1940s garb, hair and all. it was just fun. plus, i'm a nerd and love the andrews sisters music, anyway. i was totally mouthing the words to 'boogie woogie bugle boy' and remembering sweet, sweet moves from my high school years in highlites. i'm so cool.

all in all, a great night. can't wait for the next four shows!!

give it a click...

In an effort to raise awareness for Rett Syndrome, the International Rett Syndrome Foundation (IRSF) has partnered with in a new marketing campaign.

Today only (February 24th, 2010), the IRSF was given, pro bono, the two premium advertising slots on the homepage. Go on over and take a look. Each little click will make a difference...and if you have the means and the desire...please donate! The first is a box on the lower right-hand side of the screen as you first log onto the page. The second is a banner when you scroll down just a bit.

Even if you can't donate, click on it to learn a little more about Rett Syndrome.

Thanks to everyone who helped secure the generous donation for the ad slot. Leah and her parents are very grateful.

p.s. yes we're still alive. more posts to come.

Monday, February 22, 2010

the graduate

she did it folks. she graduated.

her teachers threw her a smashing party.

pudding was consumed.
songs were sung.
games were played.
caps were tossed.
diplomas were received.
i left kicking and screaming. oh how we will miss these lovely ladies. they truly loved and cared for leah and for that, i will be forever grateful.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

on a night like this: prom 2010

what: prom 2010
{inspired by prom 2004 - thanks mix masters chris, ben and ryan - our friends in ca wanted to join in on the fun.}

theme: on a night like this
{song by dave barnes}

when: valentine's day eve
{aka ryan's birthday eve}

who: super cool 20- and 30-somethings

why: because we never get a chance to dress up anymore

we ate at flemmings,
stood in line forever to take pictures {not really. i so don't miss that.}
and danced the night away.
a good time was had by all.

p.s. isn't my date handsome? i'm so glad he asked me.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

groundhog day

i once heard someone say, "motherhood is kind of like groundhog day." nothing else. no explanation. just a flat statement. and she had a tone about her that was to say her statement wasn't a compliment to motherhood or february 2nd.

of course, maybe at the time i wasn't listening for an explanation. why is it like groundhog day? what about motherhood could possibly do with a groundhog popping his head out of a hole and looking for his shadow?

it wasn't until later that i realized they were talking about the movie, not the actual day, but let's not talk about that. it wasn't until i became a mother that i realized this person was basically stating that motherhood was boring. the same. out.

and now that i'm a mother, i have to agree. but not in that uncomplimentary, wishing-everyone-knew-my-life-was-oh-so-boring tone. quite the contrary.

yes, i often find myself doing the same things over and over and over again. i've changed a kazillion dirty diapers. i've wiped the bean's face a bazillion times. i've yawned more in the last three years than i did during the previous 25 combined. i've spotted a trazillion white onesies never to be fully recovered. i've watched countless episodes of the backyardigans. i've done numberless loads of dishes and wiped food from every corner of our kitchen a kajillion times. i've been spit up on, pooped on, peed on, slobbered on and more.

i've also received a kazillion hugs and kisses. i've snuggled the bean a bazillion times. i've wiped the yawn off my face to go and watch her sleep. i've folded a trazillion adorable, tiny outfits with a smile on my face. i've laughed at countless episodes of the backyardigans. i've gone down numberless park slides as i hear a shrill giggle beside me. i've formed numberless fauxhawks with the help of water and shampoo on the cutest little body i've ever seen. for a time, i heard the cutest little voice say the funniest things i'd ever heard in my 28 years.

but the greatest part about the movie isn't the fact that phil gets to live his day over and over again. it's the fact that he gets to learn from the previous day and figure out how to live that day better. more full of life. more full of love. more full of adventure.

i know motherhood has helped me do just that.

some days are better than others, just like the movie. some days i throw in the towel. i push snooze and just want to give up. others make each day worth living. i try new things and make sure that little girl knows just how much i love her. and hopefully, as i continue to be blessed with more days, the better days will continue to outweigh the throw-in-the-towel days.

i wonder if that other mother ever finished the movie.

motherhood is kind of like groundhog day. and i kind of like it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

she's at it again...

...this time, at church.sleeping in church hasn't happened in 2+ years. wow, leah. thanks to our cool cousins jeff and sarah for having iPhones to capture this moment.

please take note of her cute french braids. it's been awhile since she's sported those, as well. but yesterday {with a little help from the backyardigans} we were successful. and today she's sporting the crimped look from the braids' remains.

also know that both she and her daddy are currently sleeping {it's 12:45 pm on a monday afternoon}. sick day at the layton, but not for me. back to work...