Wednesday, February 24, 2010

valentimes day 2010

i had to say it. it's one of my biggest pet peeves.

it's valentiNes day. with an N, people.

i'd be rich if i had a penny for each time i heard it incorrectly this year.

despite the ear-wrenching mispronunciations, we had a great time celebrating the day of looooove.

leah thoroughly enjoyed her package from grandma and grandpa layton. the glasses are a hit with all her friends. thanks for sending more than one!
and i was pretty much giddy using my new dymo label maker to print love messages on her valentine candy necklaces. and label my baking containers. and print names on piano books. and stash secret messages throughout the house. and entertain kids. and annoy ryan.
i {heart} it.

happy valentine's day!


Julia Wade said...

mare you are too adorable
leah isn't half bad in those sunglasses either. ;)

Karen Hauley said...

loooove the glasses.

t.t.turner said...

I am in love with your labelmaker idea. SO cute.

ed and kelli said...

oh beah i miss you guys already!!! thanks for the bisit. and i laughed at the "he wipes my bum" too. mack is glad he is good at that too:)

dani said...

I want a label maker! Wait, no I don't. But those are so cute!