Wednesday, March 26, 2008

splish splash

okay, so leah loves her bath. she giggles and talks and laughs and plays with all her toys. she's really good about letting us clean her and wash her hair. however, she is not a splasher. once in awhile, she'll grab her washcloth and flip it around, but that is about the extent of her splashing...until two nights ago. the second i set her in the tub, she went to town. she wasn't giggly, she was she had a job to accomplish by splashing. it was hilarious! she was even upset when i had to disrupt her splashing to wash her!

Happy Easter

Leah looked lovely in her Easter dress from Grandma fit perfectly!
The Easter bunny didn't bring our family candy this year...he (she?) brought us shoes.

leah's crooked smile...i think this is her cheesy grin...

We had a great time at church...leah especially loved eating the bark while we took pictures outside...she would NOT look at the camera!

Then we had a yummy brunch with some of our friends while the adults searched for easter eggs in the front lawn...yes, i went on an easter egg hunt in my sunday dress and heels. niiiiice. And leah was a ham. She totally posed for our friend who was taking pictures...he did a whole photo shoot of her (including the first one in this post)!
the infamous tongue...

leah and daddy...

for grandpa hauley

thought you'd like this. she brushes AND flosses.


Leah loves the swings...and i love these carefree pictures of her at the park last week. Pure bliss!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


so i didn't realize it had been more than two weeks since i last posted, so enjoy the updates. we've been busy...
growing mullets...
sporting our sanjaya faux-hawks while enjoying the new season of american idol...
working hard at duff and phelps...
making st. patrick's day and easter cookies with lindsey and kristen...yum!...
signing "i love you"...
getting our feet stamped for our one-year hand/footprints...

cleaning the bathroom with mommy...

learning how to kneel on our new green chair...and starting to scoot...

my little green monster

this year, leah actually had a real green outfit to wear! thanks mcphies!!
(our make-shift green outfit from last year. i did like the bow, though.)

finish what i've started

a new goal for the year is to finish the projects i start. i know, a novel idea. but, i'm doing great so far. here is one project i started...drapes for leah's room. i got the idea from a pottery barn kid's catalog, but didn't have $100+ to spend, so i made them myself...and i actually like my ribbon choices better. voile!

audrey's impression

so, all of my piano students seem to really love leah, which i am truly grateful for. some of them even like to impersonate her. here is audrey's impression of leah: big cheeks and big eyes.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

hey grandma, it's your birthday: take 2008

yesterday was my beautiful mom's birthday. she turned...29. i thought it would be fun to do a comparison video with the one we took last year when leah was just 1 week and 2 days old. she can definitely dance on her own this year!

70 degrees and beautiful

so, i've come to realize why housing and other things are so expensive here in the bay area. you absolutely pay for the weather. and, while i complain about not owning my own house or paying more in rent than my siblings pay for their mortgages, i do love the weather. i went on a hike with some lovely ladies and babies yesterday and had a great time. i think leah and i both needed the vitamin D.
i couldn't resist these cute pictures. this is ty (screaming - but don't worry...he was actually an angel, but for some reason started to scream when he was placed in the stroller) and nora (her bucket hat is too big for her petite little head, but trust me...she's a cutie!).

and here's our little leah. she loves sipping from this's a straw and she's a champion at it. but, for some reason, she wouldn't pick it up yesterday. she just kept bending down to sip out of it.

and if you're wondering. she is back on the charts: 18 lbs. 12 oz. and 28 inches long. yes, that means she gained about 5 pounds and grew 3 inches in 3 months. yay, leah!

puppy dogs and...rats?

this is our cute little puppy dog...ryan thought tights are better on heads.

i had to put in a cute picture before i tell my next tale. yes, we have rats. in our ceiling. gross. i don't really want to talk about it, but i want to show you all how awesome my husband is. we've had the exterminator come over a few times and he has found 3 rats in total. But, we started to smell something...well, let's just say, 'unpleasant.'..and couldn't wait for a weekday for the exterminator to come back, so on sunday, ryan braved the attic, the stank, and the droppings...and found our culprit. he is donning what we have now termed his "rat clothes" (including the chairman mao shirt he's wearing...appropriate, wouldn't you say?). Three cheers for Ryan!

If you're wondering why he doesn't look amused that i made him pose for a's because he wasn't.