Friday, January 25, 2008

flasback friday - 1 year ago

so, i've seen this "flashback friday" thing on a few people's blogs and i think it's fun. so, i was contemplating what i was doing exactly one year ago:

*jan. 22 - last day of work at BYU
*jan. 23 - clean provo apt. and pack up van (can i give a shout out to kelli and the lovely ladies and gentlemen of the BYU 59th ward - you're great!)
*jan. 24 - warm breakfast at shmoj's (seriously, mom...thank you so much!) and then started our journey to california...stopped in sparks, nevada for the night...we were exhausted!
*jan. 25 - sparks, nevada to home sweet home in mtn. view, california

this was my view on january 24th and 25th...BORING! i was driving our car, following ryan in our budget moving van. i seriously memorized every single word and number on the back of that van. and, although sitting in a car for an entire day while 8 mos. pregnant isn't what i would call comfortable, i did have music...poor ryan only had a radio that didn't get reception for a good deal of the trip.


Karen Hauley said...

As I was shovelling more snow last night I thought about you driving to California last year at this time and soooo glad that it was a milder winter for you. It would have been a complete nightmare to be making that move this year. Your flasback Friday picture would have been filled with much more white. I'm glad you made that trip safely.

Julia Wade said...

that drive is just awful. nevada never ends. we're glad you came to california, that's for sure.

Ryan said...

Yeah, that was pretty boring. You have to give the crappy radio some credit, though. I was able to get '101.9 the end' until I went over a hill in the middle of Nevada. After that, I was endlessly entertained by NPR and the occasional preacher on the AM channels.

Lant Family said...

I can't believe you have been gone for a whole year! Like usually time has flown by. I bet you love CA and especially when we are all frozen here in UT

Jen said...

Hey Maren,

As I was reading your entry I was having my own flashback. We did the exact same thing moving from Vancouver to Edmonton. (Me following the moving van 8 months pregnant). Valerie was born a week after our arrival, (3 weeks early). It's fun to settle down roots in different places.

ed and kelli said...

you forgot to mention the part where you left me bawling in my apartment cause you were leaving and i couldn't deal with it.. then hiding from me that you fell in my parking lot... glad you and leah were both fine after that.. sorry about your wrist and knee hurting... but it has been a whole year of being sad without you... on a happier note.. i get to see you so soon!!!!!!

karalynstrings said...

That's great that you can remember what happened one year ago. I can't remember what happened three days ago! You have a very cute family, and it has been fun keeping up with you, Kelli, and your mom through your blogs. We should have a reunion some time.

Anonymous said...

Its the Laytons!!

Hey you guys! We moved before we got to see your little girl born. Leah is beautiful!

We are going to set up our own blog soon, and we'll let you know when we do. Hope you remember us!
(BYU 59th ward)
Brian and Jessica Swendsen, and Reese!

Erika Hanks said...

What a great idea, flashback Fridays! I love it! Blogs are better than journals!

Marcus and Jenny said...

Wow. Has it been a year?