Thursday, March 15, 2007

ah, the joys...

so, i'm not sure why, but i LOVE putting bows in leah's hair. there are two problems with this: 1) she doesn't have much hair on top - it's all in back - and i'm not about to put a bow around a mullett and 2) her head is still too small for all of the bows we have! so i made a bow the other day. the band was still too big, but i safety pinned it smaller and here we have it!

and i love this picture of her and ryan - so cute. she was all fussy and congested yesterday, but was so content to just lie on her dad's shoulder...not a care in the world.


Kelli said...

heheh she's so freakin cute! and she looks like a bunny in that first picture! i miss you guys!

launi said... make me want my little one here even more! that's such a sweet picture of leah and ryan.

The Olson Fam said...

Love the bow! Maren, she looks so much like you!