Thursday, November 20, 2008

piano students say the darndest things...

Seriously, they do. They make me laugh every day. Today's great quotes are:
Maren: "You did your whole song wihtout your paper piano (a helping aid). Are you proud of yourself!?"
Student: "Also I do scouts."
(He was obviously proud of himself for more than one thing!)
Maren: "Did you practice your guts out this week?"
Student: "My guts?"
Maren: "Yah! Did you practice really hard?"
Student: "The guts in my body? Like did I practice my body out?"
Student, referring to Leah, who he had not seen in a few months: "She's getting bigger! She has a big head!"


ed and kelli said...

gotta love little kids.. reminds me of my primary class.. hahah bending over in their chairs to look under them to find the pirates:) wanna teach me how to play piano.. i stink at it. i need to practice my guts out.. and what is a paper piano? ps you spelled "without" wrong...

Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

Ha ha you sound like such a good teacher. Kids are hilarious huh? I babysit once a week and just from that weekly experience I think I've gained a small collection of hilarious quotes.

Kristen said...

I love it. I can't wait until my kids are old enough to say cute things like that!

Scott and Natalie said...

Ha I know I wish I remembered to write what they say down. I get a good laugh everyday too.

Bryan and Haylie said...

hey! i'm going to San Fran this weekend! a shotgun trip for a shotgun wedding. :) any tips for the best of San Francisco in one day or less?