Wednesday, January 22, 2014

iowa legit

Kate and I spent the morning at the DMV so I could become a legit Iowan. 

Actually, we spent more time driving to and from the DMV as I ridiculously didn't think to bring proof of residence the first time. Seriously.

Kate entertained everyone in the waiting area with her innate beauty and charming antics. She actually was really well behaved (and was busy eating the snacks I made sure to bring). 

Our appointment seriously took less than 10 minutes, which I think might be a world record for amount of time waiting at a DMV??? But if you add in driving time, it was well over an hour. Ugh. 

I was sad to relinquish my New Hampshire license, but after six months, I figured I should claim our new territory in the Hawkeye State. That, and I'd really like to be able to renew our car registration next month. 

Here's to starting over...and probably not for the last time...

To Iowa! 

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