Tuesday, February 5, 2008

'til we meet again

So, I know I'm probably the last person everyone knows to post about President Hinckley. But, I thought I would simply for my own sake and to document it for Leah. We found out about 7:20 pm (CA time) last Sunday because we were talking on Skype with my mom. It was a shock, but I felt very at peace and am so happy that he is with Marjorie again...what a darling couple...and quite the example to look up to. My mom said it was a "President Hinckley day" in Salt Lake the day of his funeral - the sun came out and the snow ceased after days and weeks of nothing but storms. I also heard that people lined the streets after his funeral waving white hankerchiefs and canes! He has touched our hearts and lives for the better and hopefully we have all changed for the better because of him. I am glad to know that when changes like this occur in our church, the process isn't chaotic or something to fear; that although some of our leaders change, there is always a constant leader, Christ, to whom we can look. I'm excited for the new First Presidency. And to President Hinckley, farewell...until we meet again.

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