Tuesday, October 14, 2008

and i said to myself, "self. great day!"

And a great day it was. Thanks to EVERYONE who made my birthday so wonderful! Highlights included:
Awesome blast-from-the-past songs on the radio including (but not limited to): I Swear - All 4 One (anyone else's first slow dance?), Greatest Love of All - Whitney Houston (ahh, good times singing karaoke with the cousins), As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys (way better than N*Sync), Always Be My Baby - Mariah Carey.
A pedicure, pomegranate smoothie and errand-running while Lindsey watched Leah.
Ryan coming home "early" from work. 6:00 - I'll take it!
Ryan doing the dishes after dinner!...including wiping the fridge and cabinets after Leah's lasagna escapade.
Lunch at Macaroni Grill with the WONDERFUL Kristen and Lindsey (and kids). Imagine three adults and four kids at a nice restaurant. We survived...but only because of birthday cake and ice cream and crayon drawing on the table. I have two words: Penne. Rustica.

And this is how Leah fared. This has basically been my life for about a month now. Any suggestions?
A delicious birthday banana cream pie complete with 26+1 birthday candles (used from birthday last year and leah's numero uno this year). Creative, yes?
A very messy Leah...naked...with a bib and lasagna.
A very happy Leah (wow!) waiting for daddy to be done with work.
A very happy Maren with tickets to...wait for it, wait for it...the NUTCRACKER this December by the San Francisco Ballet Co. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Thanks to everyone who called, sent cards/gifts and commented. You truly made my day.


ed and kelli said...

glad you had such a good day! lug you!

Karen Hauley said...

What a great birthday. Love all the pictures.

maryirene allen said...

happy birthday, late. i am glad you had a great day! i can't wait to see you. let me know when and i'll drive into the city to meet up with you! see you in nov. mi

Heather said...

I am glad you had a fun day. You are brave to all go out to eat. Looks like you did good.

Aubrey and Dale said...

Looks like you had a great birthday with a fantastic event to look forward to in December.

thebakerbook said...

Happy Birthday Maren!