Tuesday, October 14, 2008

L.A. weekend getaway

We went to southern California to rendezvous with my siblings this past weekend. It was the first time all of us AND our spouses AND our children were all together at once in more than a year.

Leah was relatively (okay, really) pleasant on the drive down. It was bedtime, so she slept for about three hours...and hummed with the bumps on the road for the other 3 1/2.

Leah spent the majority of her weekend kissing dogs...(through the screen...still grosses me out...)...and chasing cats...she was in HEAVEN.On Friday, Heather and I went on a 10 mile run. It was Heather's longest run to date...and she was a rock star. Absolutely ready for a half marathon at any time. :)

My sister-in-law's mom was nice enough to let us take over her house/yard for an afternoon and evening to watch the BYU game (gooooo cougars!) and have a yummy barbeque. And, if you're curious, when we ask Leah was a cougar says, she puts her hands up in the air and cheers while we say, "rah, rah, rah-rah-rah."We lounged around and texted our baby friends... We hung out and looked cool at the pool...on aunt kelli's pregnant belly...
We played hide and seek with cousin Wesley...These two were nearly inseparable. Leah LOVES her cousin, Arianne. And Arianne loved teaching Leah new things...like how to do an Irish jig. Wesley was also more than helpful trying to teach Leah (5 months his junior) how to walk. In exchange, Leah is going to teach him how to talk. We took some family pictures (post to come), and ate some delicious homemade scones (mom's recipe!!)...and then we drove home. I just couldn't resist comparing this photo with one last October on this same drive. Hasn't changed a bit has she!? :) I think her feet are just about the only thing that haven't grown. Still wearin' those size 6 month shoes.


ed and kelli said...

oh my word.. her whole face has changed!!!! definately in the eyes. but anyway, love the pictures! loved the scones.. and sorry leah licks dogs.. i think its sick too.. that's why i kept getting gus away from her. anyway, it was a blast to see you guys...love you!

Julia said...

not so sure we can be friends with that whole cougar thing. football season DEFINITELY takes a toll on our friendship. HA.

and maggie and leah need to meet, ps.

Justin, Amelia, and Zachary Low said...

Are you serious about the shoes?! That is incredible!! Once her feet grow, she will be walking in no time. That is such a cute comparison picture. So you guys live only 6 1/2 hours from my house? I want to live where you do!! Do you live cloase to the Balderson's too? How fun. Maybe Justin can be a Dermatologist in Palo Alto someday. Will you still be there?