Thursday, February 26, 2009

my grandparents the love birds

everyone should be jealous of my grandparents. i mean LOOK at them! they are so in love!! a few years ago, i undertook a ridiculous project to write my grandpa's life history. it was a neat experience and he has since passed away, but i'm nowhere near finishing it. it's my big 2009 project. cross your fingers. but...i think it's a blessing it's not done because my family just discovered hundreds of old slides that no one knew about. there are some gems in there (including this one from 1953). my mom is scanning them and i'll use them for the book. i decided to photoshop this one a bit and i really like how it turned out. (original on top - photoshopped on bottom) if you could blow it up, you'll see tons of scratches and dirt on the original, but i think i got rid of 99% of them. looking at all the pictures really makes me wish i had the chance to get to know my grandma better. she died when i was one. that woman had style. i would die for her wardrobe...and her legs if i'm going to be completely honest. and it really makes me miss my grandpa. even though it's a big job and a big stress, i'm glad i get to compile and write his history. it's been a neat experience.


Dixie Burt said...

I'm just about ready to send you LOAD of pictures. You don't have to use all of them, but I just started putting them together and having so much fun with it.
Sounds like your mom has plenty of photos for your book, but I send these anyway. I'm glad you are doing it.

Alyse Burt said...

Dixie has some of Grandma Smiths old dresses, they are beautiful! I've been working on an album for my Grandma, it is such a neat experience. Good luck!

ed and kelli said...

oh gotta love prampa and elmo.. ps you should mention her name is elmo in your post.. makes her just that much cooler!

Jessica M said...

What a neat project (and a great picture).

Happy birthday Leah! And since you were looking for some "walk help" ideas, here's a few. You could set aside time in every day as "walk practice time". You worry about helping her walk during that time, and then forget about it for the rest of the day. That way you're not having to worry about it all the time.
Some walking practice games might be:

Putting animal pictures on the ground, help her walk to them, step on them, and then make the animal sound.

Walking for treats. Put a treat (anything she likes) a short distance away and have her walk (or help her walk) to the treat and then, yum! Repeat, increase distance, whatever.

I don't know if those will help at all but here are my sincerest wishes for good luck!

maryirene said...

what a wonderful experience! i wish you the best as you work on it.
i love love love that picture. i am jealous. i have always wanted to be one of those couples, that even in old age hold hands and occasionally kisses in public. thanks for sharing this project of yours. it is inspiring.

dani said...

Love the pic. Nice photoshop work Mare.

B, C, and D said...

So cool. Those pics are such a treasure!