Friday, February 20, 2009

winter birthday bash

Since 10 of the 31 members of our mother's group had birthdays within the past month, we decided to throw a big bash!

We had cupcakes for dessert.They were a hit! Leah especially loved hers.
She wanted more than one, but I wouldn't let her. So she cried.And cried.And cried.Then she took matters into her own hands.
Ah, well, at least she's resourceful, right?!

Ty looked so beautiful all dressed up in Leah's hairbow for the party.
And the kids provided us with some wonderful entertainment.


ed and kelli said...

oh so fun.. i can't believe she is turning TWO! oh man i still remember crying when ryan called me to tell me she was here.. pure joy crying however.. oh i love my little dotes!

chloe said...

I haven't visited for a while...I can't believe how big Leah is! So cute!