Friday, June 5, 2009

finish what you start take three

i am the queen of staring projects and not finishing them {quickly}. i usually finish, it just takes me awhile.

i've also noticed that i tend to gather more and more projects the busier i am. i think creating things is a way for me to kind of relax, so when i'm busy with other things, it's an outlet for me.

but that creates a problem.

already busy + extra creating = even more busy.

oh well.

this is one of my newest creations. the EASIEST sundress in the world. honestly. anyone can make this. it's not even real smocking. you use elastic thread in your bobbin and the work is done for you. rectangle + elastic thread + 2 hems + straps. done.
it's a little long because i did the length guesswork while her highness was sleeping. i do want it long-ish, but i think i'm going to take the hem up a little.
and doesn't it match her new shoes PERFECTLY? did i mention leah woke up about 2 weeks ago and none of her shoes fit? not a single pair. so, we've been doing some shoe shopping at our house. it's a good thing, though. the poor girl was in size 4 shoes (12 month olds wear them) for about a year. time to move on.

and while she's such a cute model, here are some leah-isms as of late:

she is obsessed. obsessed. with grass. she could play with it, pick at it, stare at it, pull it, throw it, {eat it}, for hours.
and she's doing really well with her walking, but if there is any sort of reasonably sized crack, she resorts to her once-famous elephant walk. so cute.


Brad, Debbie, and K squared said...

I have loved ALL the adorable projects that you have been "finishing up" lately. I sure wish I could sew!

And I am just still so excited that Leah is walking! I am so proud of her. :)

Claire said...

Maren! I love this dress. I too have been in the CReating mood. I have been trying to think of a next project. Here it is! I have never tried elastic thread. Do you just get it at JoAnnS? I would love any additional tips you might have on this dress. Way to go!!

Julia said...

So impressed Mare! Cute, cute stuff! Love to see that little Leah walking. Keep 'em coming!

Karen Hauley said...

Love the polka dots - dress and shoes. Very, very cute.

Rob and Marseille said...

when I have a girl, I'll have to try making a sun dress. And Christopher (who is now 4), is still in size 6 shoes. And hovering between 2T and 3T clothes.

ed and kelli said...

btw.. bean is looking more like you these days:)