Sunday, June 7, 2009

inquiring minds wanted to know...

Smocked Sundress:
*tutorial from
*get enough fabric to go TWICE around your little girl. the elastic thread brings it in quite a bit
*elastic thread can be found in many colors at any fabric/notions store...but it's used in the bobbin, so you shouldn't see it in the finished product.

The Shirt Dress:
*tutorial from dana-made-it
*use at least a men's size large shirt for a 2T-3T dress, long sleeves preferred
*i would have made the neck part of the sleeves a little bit smaller (not 10 inches - maybe 8 or so).
*ironing as you go is KEY

Square {ish} bottomed hobo lunchbag:
*tutorial from sewing notions
*ironing it down into the triangle makes it MUCH easier!



ed and kelli said...

wonderful! thank you.. i shoudl send you the link to the shirt dress i found.

Jessica M said...

I find your cute craftiness rather impressive. Good work!! The sundress is completely darling.

Brandon Danielle and Laneah said...

oh those are sooo cute! I have seen the mens shirt- to a dress only once before and this is soooo cute. I am so impressed. Wow, I need to go finish some of my projects too.

B, C, and D said...

Impressive! You do good work!