Sunday, July 4, 2010

a camping we will go

if you're gonna go camping, let me tell you how to do it. go with two other families, one of which has to come later in the day with you because your husbands have to work. but, one family goes early to set up camp and start dinner. that way, when you arrive, the fire is stoked, the food is ready and everyone is happy. works like a charm.thanks to the harmans for being that one family. and thanks to the katzs for enduring the winding roads leading to the redwoods with us.

we ate good food.
we ate lots of it.
we discovered our love for banana slugs.
we roasted our feet.
we roasted marshmallows.
we ate marshmallows.
we burned marshmallows.
we slept {like champs}.
we matched.
we lounged.
we hiked.
we told scary stories.
we shot {wait, they shot. i will have no part in that.}.
we played in tents.
we played in dirt.
we played on logs.
we laughed.
we relaxed.
we had so. much. fun.

and kristen did it all 8 months pregnant. go kristen!

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