Thursday, July 1, 2010

YOU can help!

Research for Rett Syndrome is simply exploding. I feel like they're right on the cusp of various medications, etc. that can help with so many of the problems that plague all of these little girls. I know that one day we'll find a cure, but in the meantime, they're really working on reversing some of the symptoms {hand function, breath holding, siezures, better walking, talking, etc.} ...and YOU can help!

This month, there are two great opportunities for Rett Syndrome to get $500,000 of funding.

First, CHASE Community Giving is giving away $250,000 to the organization who gets the most votes. You only have to vote ONCE and the voting closes on July 12th, so vote today!!!! Just click here to vote for Girl Power 2 Cure (you have to have a facebook account for this one). It's a great organization that Leah is in the process of joining. We'll have our website up and running soon. Very soon.
Second, the Pepsi Refresh Project is giving $250,000 to the top two voted organizations. Click HERE to vote once EVERY DAY in July for the International Rett Syndrome Foundation. We came in 6th place in June and because we were in the top 10, we held our spot for July and can continue on. When I checked this morning, we were in THIRD place!! So close. So vote every day in July! ANYONE can vote! No account needed.
Also, feel free to post these links on you fb accounts and blogs to spread the word! Leah just grunted at me...that means thank you!!p.s. Thanks to everyone who diligently voted in June. It got us to 6th place which is the only reason we're still in the running! Keep it up!!


Emily said...

I just voted and passed it on to my co-workers. One of my co-workers is bawling right now after reading everything. I included the letter you wrote in October when you first found out. She has a daughter and so this hits even more home. But she said she would vote. Love, Em

ed and kelli said...

voted on chase, check... vote july 1st on pepsi.. check. you WILL get this research bean... i promise:) love you! ps.. just made it a link from my blog to yours for people to go do this, and it's on my FB page:) will email it out later too:)