Monday, August 9, 2010

running club 2010

running club continues...fourth summer in a row for us!
sadly, leah and i were only able to make it twice this year because of summer school.
but, it's still a favorite summertime activity!

sometimes we run. sometimes we walk. sometimes we rest. sometimes we stop and smell the roses. but we are always joined by good company.and we always have a great time.
leah's punch card holds a coveted spot on our new-and-improved refrigerator. in two weeks, she ran 2.5 miles. go leah!favorite quote from last week, from lincoln, a fellow three year old: "I'm a RUNNER!"
favorite quote from this week, from unknown boy about 5 years old: "Oh, just look at her teeny tiny tennis shoes! I love them!"


Karen Hauley said...

Yay for running! Love leah's awesome running shoes.

Molly said...

Leah's shoes are adorable. So cute! Go, Leah!

Jenny said...

so so cute! I love that!

Amy W said...

It makes me so happy to hear that running club is still up and "running" (eek, worst pun ever!) It is going strong here in Walnut Creek too! Go Leah!