Friday, August 30, 2013

two weeks of color

Leah's kindergarten class spent the first two weeks of school reviewing colors (among many other things). But to help some of the kids be more exited about and feel a part of kindergarten, they were supposed to dress in certain colors each day. 

The final day was "favorite color day" and either Leah has a LOT of favorite colors or her body just couldn't give me a clear answer that we went with the rainbow. She seemed pleased. 

Is this not the smiliest and most colorful collage you've ever seen?!

And, since we took almost all of the pictures while we were waiting for the bus, I'll take a minute to show off her fancy new bus vest. We zip this sweet contraption on her in the morning and it hooks her right into the bus, no too-small-baby-seat needed. Hip hip! (I'll admit, I did have to try 47 times the first morning to get it right...and still ended up putting it on backward. And we tried 46 times the next day. But a few weeks later, we've got it down.)

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