Tuesday, December 30, 2014


We decided to take advantage of Ryan's time off after Christmas and spend a few days exploring more of Chicago. We usually go for doctor appointments, so it was fun to have nothing on our agenda. 

While not quite as cold as last December's jaunt to the windy city, it was still a pretty chilly few days. The girls were troopers, especially when we walked away from the protection of the wind-blocking buildings and out to the museums around the lake. Brrrrr!

We logged plenty of steps and ate some seriously good food to more than make up for it. And I finally tried Garrett's popcorn, which is now a Chicago staple for me. We attempted Eataly, but after wandering for an hour, trying to find a place to sit with two strollers, we gave up and braved the line at Shake Shack across the street. Eataly will have to wait for an adults-only trip another time. We had a great time at the Adler Planetarium; and it was FREE because of our reciprocal pass from our local museum, which is always a bonus. We also made our obligatory stop at the Bean (where Leah was less than impressed, I guess, since she had seen it before - she fell asleep!). Kate's initial impression was not great but made for one of my favorite pictures. "But mom, I don't WANT a picture at the bean!" Sometimes two year olds are just plain fun. But she eventually came around. We also took them to the American Girl Doll store for the first time which is an experience of its own. 

The girls loved the hotel, especially Kate, who took a liking to singing "Let it Go" in the shower as loud as possible. I think Leah mostly loved the continental breakfast. 

Definitely a fun three days with my little family. 

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