Saturday, December 13, 2014

We believe!

Our girls had a few opportunities to meet with the man in the red suit this year and I'm confident in saying that at least one of them is a believer! 

Leah went on a school field trip to the Festival of Trees. Santa happened to be in attendance and he signed Leah's hand. She couldn't have been more pleased!

Her second run in with Santa was at a restaurant in the neighboring city of LeClaire. We brought along little sister. Leah giggled with glee as she told St. Nick what she wanted via her switch. Kate decided she likes the idea of Santa more than the real deal. 

Our church congregation had a Christmas party a few days later, giving Kate one final chance to sit on Santa's lap. We helped the girls fill out their letters (which they answered on their least Kate was honest???). Leah was, once again, thrilled to meet her jolly match. Kate's visit started out a little unsure, but in the end she was a fan. Success! 

We also listened to some great music and decorated some gingerbread houses - Kate's first. She was pleased with the outcome. She was also pleased with the pieces of candy that didn't quite make it onto the house, as shown by the remains left on her face. 

Also, plaid is where it's at. 

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