Saturday, April 7, 2007

the city by the bay

Ryan had the day off of work for Good Friday, so we decided to take advantage and explore some of the sites near our new home by the bay...

This is us at a lookout above the golden gate bridge. it was super foggy, so we couldn't get a very clear picture, but it was actually really neat to see the bridge with the fog rolling over it.

Ryan is apparently the first-ever pregnant man...and it's in san francisco...hmmm... (you can see the baby is breech - her feet are already coming out of him - hahaha).
The lookout we went to was a place called Battery Spencer - it was battlement used up through the 1940's to protect the bay area. You can still see where the cannons were mounted and the little rooms even had fireplaces in them. and this was the bathroom...hahaha...
We don't have a jacket that fits leah yet, so we bundled her up in her regular clothes with some jammies (that are nornally too big) on top...she seemed pretty content!

And this was our's a tunnel painted like a rainbow. Ah, only in san francisco. We drove up through Muir Woods, but it was really crowded, so we decided to keep on driving and ended up in Sausalito. We went to this random place called the Bay Model...and it was this giant model of the bay. Kind of interesting, but the coolest part is there is a place called "Mare Island" - that will have to be one of our future adventures for sure!

Sausalito was really pretty. We walked around a shipyard and saw some 'tall ships' - they were even staffed by people dressed as sailors...or pirates...i'm not sure which. We are pretty sure that we saw Smee...not kidding. We had a great time spending the day together as a family and exploring our new surroundings. Now we know the way around some of the anyone is welcome to come and visit and we'd be happy to play the part of tour guide.

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