Wednesday, April 11, 2007

happy easter

Leah had a great time on her first Easter. Ryan and I decided to not do candy this year in our Easter baskets - we didn't want it and didn't need it!! But, we did get her a little lamb easter basket and filled it with some eggs that taught her about Jesus. Then we got her some super cute Sunday shoes...

...and some sweet wrap-around sunglasses. I'm not sure if she likes the sunglasses so much...but she'll get used to them, right?

She looked so adorable in her Easter dress. The bishop's wife gave it to us as a shower gift. It was a tiny bit big, but she looked so adorable in it with her new shoes! Later, I wasn't feeling so well, so Ryan made us a yummy yummy roast and we had a delicious Easter feast. It was a quiet, but wonderful day!


kb said...

she loves looking up at you guys.. and she is getting fatter:)

launi said...

i love that last picture of you and leah looking at each other. too cute!