Thursday, December 11, 2008

christmas creche

Our stake co-hosts an event each year at Christmastime called the Christmas Creche. They basically transform a chapel into a museum of creches from all around the world. It is amazing. Each year, they have hundreds of submissions and they decide how to organize the entire thing. They change the lighting and decorations to fit the theme. There are creches as small as a pin head all the way to life size; nativities made out wood, stone, plastic, fabric, glass, metal, tin foil, you name it (there was even a giant lego creation of joseph, mary and jesus this year); creches from south america, asia, africa, europe, america, etc. It's really fun to see them from around the world, because the people look so different and the animals they choose are animals from that area of the world (like lions and giraffes in africa or whales next to an eskimo baby Jesus). It's an amazing production. I hosted for it on Saturday and was assigned to the children's room - the only room where you can touch the creches (lego nativity, fabric nativity, puzzles and blocks). They had a coloring station and a stamping station. They put on a marionette show that was wonderful and even had an area where kids could dress up as anyone from the nativity - animals included. I couldn't resist dressing up Leah as a sheep. She was so gentle with the baby Jesus.
If you want more information or want to visit next year, click here.


Michelle said...

Leah's sheep costume is so cute!!!

ed and kelli said...

oh i love it.. and i love her tights.

Karen Hauley said...

This photo is a keeper.