Monday, December 22, 2008

merry christmas to all

Our Christmas card budget was semi-limited this year. So, if you didn't get a physical card, know that you are still loved and missed...or not missed as we didn't send them to anyone we live nearby :)...but still loved. And here's a virtual copy of card and letter for any who are interested...

Here's a quick look at the Layton's lives this year.
They've been full of excitement, hard work, travel and cheer.

January was spent enjoying California's warm, sunny rays.
We DID miss the snow, but for no shoveling, we praise!

February was full of CELEBRATION...little Leah turned ONE!
Her first year sped by so fast - we sure had a lot of fun!

In March, Maren's mom celebrated ONE year cancer free.
We are so grateful for her and our entire family.

April brought us to Utah for Maren to run a race.
We saw lots of friends and family - we sure love that place!

In May Leah started therapy to help her move along.
With no crawling, cruising or walking, she needed help to get strong.

June and July were hot hot hot HOT!
We went camping and biking and had smoothies a lot.

August took Ryan and Maren to CHINA on the adventure of a lifetime.
First Hong Kong, then Olympics in Beijing...and the Great Wall we did climb.

Leah was shipped to Utah while we were gone.
Many, many thanks to our wonderful moms.

September was spent settling back into all that real life brings.
Work, piano, paying the bills and all those lovely things.

In October, Leah perfected her mad CRAWLING skills.
Seeing her hard work pay off gives her parents such thrills.

In November, Maren went to New York to run her 2nd marathon.
Ryan stayed home with Leah and played a fantastic Mr. Mom.

We're excited for December to teach Leah the reason...
...we celebrate Jesus Christ during this sacred holiday season.

We're grateful for so many family members and friends.
We miss you and hope you feel of the love that we send.

Love, r m and l


Kristen said...

I LOVE it. You are so clever!

Alysha said...

Will you write my letter for next year?!