Thursday, January 8, 2009

happy new week later

sorry about the lack of posting. here's a quick run-down of how we rang in the new year.

meet miss cutie patootie pie 2009. she tooted some horns and then went to bed. paaaaar-tay.katie and i did this:
while the boys did this: who know a wii hunting game could be so completely enthralling and entertaining? we also played locke's wii fit. i found out my balancing age is like 40 years old. ryan's is 29. but, i will put on the record that that was a big fluke. i blew everyone out of the water in the hardest balancing game. i also found out i weigh a lot less than ryan. (a subtle hint to get out on that bike, mr.)

ryan and I made our predictions for 2009, sealed them up and then tooted a few horns. yay for 2009!(sorry for all the different styles of pictures. i'm playing around with actions in photoshop. santa brought us a new computer and i am more than giddy with how fast everything is!)


Molly said...

So many great pictures! I'm so glad you guys had a wonderful new year! And proud of you for taking advantage of all the cool stuff to do around here. We definitely need to take a weekend to one of the many wonderful escape spots in the bay area.

Kristen said...

Ooo, I love the idea of making predictions and sealing them up. When do you open them? The next New Year's Eve?