Thursday, January 8, 2009

monterey bay aquarium

The aquarium is really neat...if you aren't accompanied by a screaming terror of a child. She was tired and wanted to get out and crawl around, but we were determined. Our day went like this:

Until she did this: Then Ryan and I had fun exploring and taking pictures of all sorts of marine life. It really is a fun place to go! I touched star fish and sting rays and sponge things...I'm not a marine biologist. I just touched a bunch of squishy slimy things that live in the ocean. And I felt pretty cool.
When Leah woke up, she was much happier and was able to enjoy it a bit more. Yay for naps!


LTC said...

LOVED that aquarium...and the city that goes with it, to say the least! It looks like you guys have had a blast the last week or two...don't feel bad about posting beat me!

Jenny said...

We went to Monterrey for part of our honeymoon. Don't you love that aquarium?! What a great part of the state.

Karen Hauley said...

One word: "Ah-puh-tus". Gotta love little leah.

The English Family said...

We have pictures of Jayce as a baby in that sea shell. I love CA