Thursday, January 8, 2009


we spent the first three days of 2009 in monterey, ca. we figured since we didn't make it "home" (aka utah) for the holidays, we should take some time off and explore things nearby. warning: lots of pictures in the next few posts.

we did a LOT of this:and this:
the first night, we didn't sleep much. leah would NOT go to bed and woke up honestly every hour. both she and ryan were sick, which made day #2 not so much fun. we ventured out to the aquarium (next post) and went black light mini golfing. and she was a TERROR. but her shirt and pigtail elastics were glowing in the dark, so she was still cute.

night #2 was much better. i had a brilliant idea to put her to bed, then go and play cards on the balcony until we KNEW she was out cold. it worked like a charm until about 2am when she woke up (because she was sick) and just wanted to be cuddled. i was so tired that i put her in bed with us (I have NEVER EVER EVER done this before). Ryan had no idea she was there until he was woken up by a swift kick in the face at 8am. But, it made for a much brighter day #3.

We took a long walk around Monterey and Pacific Heights. I fit right in...
I helped Ryan perfect his photography skills...And I sailed way far away from the shore...I'm a sailor...AHOY!We ate at a yummy restaurant named Louie Linguini's where I renamed my family members: big dipper and little dipper. I've always known Ryan was a sauce man. He sees the fries at Training Table as means to get the special sauce into his mouth. Now I know Leah is swiftly following in his footsteps:To give some credit to the big dipper, he is a bit cleaner than his small protege.


Heather said...

We have had to bring lucy into our bed a couple of time---only on vacation!!! I never sleep good but atleast I can still be somewhat happy when I am tierd.

B, C, and D said...

I feel your pain on the baby-vacation-sleeping! I've only ever pulled Danika into bed with me a couple of times but its always when we've been away from home.