Thursday, September 10, 2009

i'm a rocker

we went to a def leppard concert last week. this is my second rock concert in as many years. it's getting a little out of control. but since ryan and ed are certain they are going to start a garage band, we had to go see what their competition was like. and once i got past the second-hand weed i was inhaling, it was a great show!

ryan rocked the faux hawk (isn't he handsome?!):
i'm contemplating starting my own clothing design company. this is an mj original:ryan was no slouch in the fashion department either, folks:ed tried gushers for the first time. he's a fan:lindsey and i practiced our hard core rocker faces:
we enjoyed our view:and we couldn't have asked for better company:
even if they did get a little crazy once or twice:
my favorite quote of the night: "oh that's what 'pour some sugar on me' means!"


Jessica M said...

You did not go to a Def Leppard concert, no way. Love the pictures. Glad y'all had fun!

Uffens Family said...

Looks like such a party!!! You and Ryan sure know how to have a good time :) ha! Love the fashion statements!

Karen Hauley said...

Laughing out loud (I refuse to abr. that). So, were the 3 in front of you related to the fat lady at the blood draw?

Ryan said...

Actually, Karen, the fat lady at the blood draw ate the 3 in front of us. That's partly why she was at the doctor.