Friday, January 22, 2010

visitors!: part one

the laytons came to visit for the long weekend. we sure packed in the fun. on friday we decided to head up to the city and experience the exploratorium. i think ryan and lamar had the most fun. they were like little kids in a candy store. personally, i though the sound exhibit was the best. we all had a lot of fun and leah was a pure angel.

picture one: the proud grandparents with the happy-to-be-spoiled-and-attended-to granddaughter.
picture two: we all took turns torturing leah. she loved it.
pictures three/four: chit-chatting with ryan from across the room.
picture five: big leah. little daddy.
picture six: listening to the noise that is the exploratorium.
picture seven: ryan looking extra sexy.
picture eight: you can't tell, but i'm rocking out to gold digger.
after the exploratorium, we ventured out to the streets on the wharf. yummy crab sandwiches and clam chowder in sourdough bowls. mmmm. lynnette was thrilled to find her favorite candy. ryan and i had never heard of it, but were pleasantly surprised. mmmmm again. i was also able to fulfill my lifelong dream of pretending to be dj tanner. i fully understand she looked way cooler than me due to her oversized pants and suspenders. leah decided enough was enough around 3:00. she was SO good all day.
shortly after this picture was taken (again, so sexy ryan), we were passed on the sidewalk by about 10 men dressed as if they just walked out of "sherlock holmes." meaning they looked like they were IN the movie. it was incredible. they were smoking pipes and everything. it's probably one of my top ten life regrets that i didn't follow them to get a picture. but i panicked. it was amazing. all in all, a great day.

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ed and kelli said...

oh my the dj tanner picture just made my day.