Friday, January 22, 2010

visitors!: part two

saturday we decided to venture down to monterey for the day. we enjoyed walking along cannery row, eating at louie linguini's {where i courageously tried my first mussel}. then we rode along 17 mile drive. so beautiful. again, leah was a champ. and even fell asleep in the stroller and car {when not being entertained by the backyardigans on her grandma's portable dvd player...a definite luxury}.

we finished the day with a rousing game of "let's wrap leah in bubble wrap" and ryan's parents babysat while we enjoyed dinner and bowling with the harmans.

another great day.

laytons left on sunday afternoon and will definitely be missed. i think we all {especially leah} enjoyed the constant attention they gave to leah.


Ryan said...

Sorry Mare, looks like you have a mussel there, not an oyster. we'll have to go get oysters sometime to officially break you in.

mj said...

i meant mussel. ;)

Rob and Marseille said...

portable dvd player was our best/most used christmas present 2 yrs ago. Did you know Matt& Annie Packard? They live in SF....and have similar posts when family comes to town.