Wednesday, January 13, 2010

welcome to my pity party

um, actually. you're not invited.

and come to think of it, the party is over now, but it was a gooooood one.

it lasted almost all day long. and i was the only attendee {with an occasional guest appearance by leah, but she wasn't in a 'poor me' mood, so she was kindly asked to leave}.

first off, i slept in so i didn't go on my run. sarah got up and went to the trail. no maren. but i didn't just sleep in. get this: i had a dream that she texted me and said she couldn't make it this morning. a dream! "sorry to bail" the text said. so i turned my phone down. she never texted. it really was a dream.

but it seemed so real. real enough that i didn't get up to run.

when i woke up, i wanted to exercise, but ryan had to be at work at a certain time, so i didn't have time. i showered and got ready...and got leah ready...while ryan exercised. i know, unfair, right? no help from him this morning {which, granted, is unusual}, but i did all the extras and didn't have time to exercise so he could be on time for work. and then he goes and exercises!! i was a bit peeved. i didn't talk to him the entire way to work.

or for the rest of the day.

speaking of driving to work. we only have one car. that stinks. but that's a whole different story. it just added to my pity party.

then one of our tenants didn't pay rent. so we have to evict him. only i've never been through the eviction process before and i don't know what to do...but i'm expected to know. so i spent the remainder of the morning just feeling plain dumb.

i don't like feeling dumb.

then i did four loads of laundry. leah didn't say thank you. ryan didn't notice until i told him.

you're welcome.

by this time it was 1:30 and i realized i hadn't even eaten breakfast. if you know me and breakfast, you know that we're great friends. really, truly, the best kind of friends you've ever seen. we really get along. and maren and the day don't get along well when breakfast hasn't been sighted in the first hour or so.

i love breakfast.

then i was just peeved i had to eat lunch without having breakfast first.

then i looked in the sink and it was FULL to the brim of dishes. so many dishes.

but leah woke up right then...after a swell 45 minute nap. so i made dinner {in the crockpot}, took her to her playdate, taught piano for 3 hours, picked her up, picked ryan up and ate a rushed dinner {tasted great, though}...which brings us to now.

and you know what? pity party is over.

sometimes all a girl needs is a good, long pout.

now i'm off to bunco. :) wish me luck!


Ryan said...

sounds like a pretty lame party if you ask me.

Molly said...

Totally worth a pity party.

JAZKK Low said...

I had one last week. They are great. :)

maryirene said...

just reading your post made me happy. don't get me wrong. it's just nice to know that i'm not alone in having a day here or there that feels like everything in the day just stinks. i'm also glad to see that it got better. life is sure full of ups and downs. that part of life never changes.

ed and kelli said...

ryan, you just think it's lame cause you weren't invited. he he he. but mare, somedays are like that, even in australia (or mountain view.. in fact like today in douglas). one month till we get to play.. yay!!!!

carolee said...

Sounds like my day today. You need to live closer so we could go get an icecream and cheer each other up. :)