Monday, March 28, 2011

leah sleeps funny and i made a quilt

leah sleeping and me making a quilt actually do have something in common. leah...sleeping. 
the quilt is actually her christmas present, that i just finished last week. i started it last week too, but we won't talk about that. 

it's a weighted blanket. i did tons of research on how these blankets are made and what they are weighted with and decided to give it a try. the ones i've seen are kind of ugly  and still expensive. and i wanted leah's to scream leah. when i chose the fabric, pink and yellow were her favorites and they matched her room. purple is now her favorite {i think?} but pink and yellow are close behind, so it works. i got the fabric at my favorite local fabric store on sale and i found 10 lbs. of poly pellets on eBay for a screaming deal. i used some for the blanket and some for a lap pad. i evenly distributed the pellets into 60 different pockets and the math worked out perfectly, which was nice for me.

since we weaned her off trazodone last fall, she was sleeping just fine. in the past month, she's had a lot of trouble falling asleep {but is fine once it finally  happens}. melatonin and pure force are helping, so i'm hoping the blanket will help too. she still sleeps funny, though. and i kind of like it.


dani said...

- THE cutest picture!
- THE cutest weighted blanket!
Leah is pretty darn cute too.

Shannon said...

oooh, would love to get your advice on the weighted blanket. Is Leah loving it? It's super cute, Maren. Good job!

ed and kelli said...

mack and leah are definitely related. mack would rather sleep in her chair than her bed too! great job on the quilt!

Nancey said...

That is a gorgeous blanket, Mare. How's the lap pad?