Saturday, March 19, 2011

productivity at our house

it's a rainy basketball-watchin' day at our house. please take note of the first game on tv and a 2nd game being watched on the iPad on the couch. needless to say, we've been quite productive around here. 
 here we go cougars, here we go!


Packet of Seeds said...

Leah has the most beautiful blue eyes...and of course her smile will melt you.

t.t.turner said...

Oh my, that is our house exactly right now... minus the darling little girl. Go cougars! I love that last picture of you two!

ed and kelli said...

man, i'm kinda sad i haven't gotten to see this house of yours... it's the only place in MV you have lived that i haven't stayed at :( oh well.. i guess i'll just be the first to visit NH:) ps. bean is a cutie.