Wednesday, March 30, 2011

thirty thoughts on the thirtieth

i did a little bit of this yesterday on my overgrown back patio. 

trying to get some color on my legs so i can respectably wear a skirt. my toenails should not go out in public like that either, i know. in my downtime, i made a few lists and got started on ideas for the second edition of a quiet book. hoping to start and finish in the next month. i had a lot other thoughts as i was writing. each could be their own post, but you know how i like lists. so here are my thirty thoughts on the thirtieth:

01 - looking for new ways + directions on how to tie scarves. ideas? send 'em along.
02 - i'm really excited for student life. am i crazy?
03 - i laughed my guts out trying to watch leah eat an entire rolo. it was a little bit of a mess. but a cute one.
04 - i keep a chopstick in my flour to even it off in a measuring cup. how do you even out your flour?
05 - i love seeing where leah ends up every night. it's rarely in her bed.
06 - i'm loving pinterest. just getting started, but for a list girl, it's pure bliss.
07 - this secret closet reminds me of the "secret room" in my mom and step dad's current house. the only way to get to it is through a door in my old closet.
08 - i'm getting thrown off by the time change and making dinner far too late for my family.
09 - am i the only one who hates the spring time change? i'd much rather it be light for my morning runs.
10 - ryan is slightly addicted to iPad games.
11 - and i'm slightly addicted to checking my email a bazillion times a day.
12 - i'm getting better and better at 30 day shred. that's a promising idea.
13 - i just signed up for the los altos hills pathways run for the fifth year in a row. and i'm super excited. 
14 - i stopped watching glee a few weeks back. and i don't even miss it.
15 - i kind of want to sell everything we own {the big stuff at least} and re-buy things once we move. the idea of moving lots of things across the entire united states makes me tired.
16 - ryan has been doing the dishes a lot at night lately. love. plus, he's really good at it. sometimes the floor even gets swept too.
17 - rulon made me want to do a handstand last night.
18 - i painted leah's toenails yesterday. she picked bright pink.
19 - i'm still laughing about those burnt potatoes.
20 - teaching piano is exhilarating and exhausting. 
21 - leah can blow her nose, but can't wipe it. so she uses me as a tissue. gross. {and watch out, she'll use you too.}
22 - ryan won't eat greek yogurt because he pictures a sweaty greek man preparing it before he eats it.
23 - i need to read more. i miss it.
24 - i'm trying to go to bed earlier. 10:30 is the goal tonight.
25 - i'm really worried about new services and schools for leah.
26 - i listened to a high school mix on iTunes yesterday. everly brothers mixed with dixie chicks mixed with aerosmith. okay, this deserves its own post.
27 - i love how leah dances in the car. a bystander might not consider it dancing, but the girl can groove.
28 - my new shoes are giving me blisters. but they were only $13 so i'll give them some time.
29 - finally purchased tickets to travel to england, france and switzerland. so. so. excited.
30 - leah smells like sunscreen. i love when she smells like sunscreen.


Courtney said...

thanks for the link to pinterest! I just checked it out, and I feel like it might change my life.

Heather said...

I love the shred as well, you should get her new DVD Ripped in 30. I like it a lot. At first I thought it was just the new shread, but now I am really enjoying it.

Molly said...

A chopstick in your flour is so smart. I use one of these flour scoops (grew up with one in the flour and sugar cans, so I had to get myself some as an adult), and I just use the scoop to level it off:

You're going to Europe?! How fun!

Molly said...

PS-- I love Pnterest, too.

t.t.turner said...

Amen on the Glee "fast."
You're going to Switzerland?!?!?! My dream! I am so excited for you!

Shannon said...

it's way past my bedtime, but I HAD to read the whole list because every bit of it was fun. Chopstick is a genius way to level off flour...Europe sounds awesome...did the secret room ever creep you out?...$13 blisters are totally worth it when the shoes are that cute.

Jessica said...

i'm a silent reader usually but i just wanted to remind you how much i love reading your creative and simple everyday blog topics. you are a great writer and so creative, you are my inspiration! and you are a great example of a dedicated, patient, enduring parent. i'm excited for Pinterest but they told me it's in beta so i can't join...weird! thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts and ideas!

Rachel said...

I saw this scarf tying post linked on a blog I sometimes read. Check it out:

ed and kelli said...

Chopstick + genius.
loved the secret room.. i always refer to our guest room as the secret room and ed gives me a look like i'm an idiot for saying it.
i too am addicted to checking my email:)
love the idea of all new things.. it's nice not to move too much big items:)
love your high school mix.. everely brothers are awesome.
we stopped watching glee too.. but still listen to the music.
YAY for europe! i want details of when and what not.
and sunscreen.. love that smell.. it fills our house daily in this 80-90 degree weather!

Elaine said...

4- I use the back side of a knife.
13- If I can get my butt in gear, I totally want to do it too!
15- I like to buy things! Tell me if you decide to sell stuff.
29- SO excited for you, and SO jealous! Those are my favorite places! Lives in Switzerland, and while there traveled to France and England! Can't wait to go back!

Emily said...

Um, I TOTALLY attempted a handstand after seeing Rulon do one! LOL!

Catriona said...

You're coming to England? When? Passing through London? Want to meet up?? Loved this post btw. Chopstick in your flour - I'm going to do this too. I will ignore everything I can imagine my husband saying about it. xx