Friday, April 1, 2011

warning: this is not a joke

i'm doing something unheard of in maren-dome. really, truly jaw-dropping. 
i'm not eating treats in april. 

no joke.

now, please notice, i didn't say "sweets." i'm not eliminating sugar altogether. i'm just going without the extra treats. the ones i snack on during the day and veg with on the couch at night. instead, i'm going to have healthier options screaming at me from my fridge. my sweets will come from fruits and other yummy things. my savory will come from veggies in all their colorful splendor. cauliflower and carrots. oranges and apples. green(ish) bananas. fresh watermelon. sliced strawberries. broccoli and asparagus. smoothies made with spinach, carrot juice and berries at night. mmmmmmmmm...

i already love all these things. a lot. i just don't always choose them over the gummy goodness in the bottom drawer. 

if i'm offered dessert somewhere, i might have some. but i won't prepare it for myself. and at easter, i won't eat eggfulls of anything if i can't even pronounce words on the ingredient list.

i'm doing it for two reasons. 

one:  i need to take control of something. to show myself i can do it.

two: calories in. calories out. i work out enough for me to eat treats every so often, but i'm hoping this will make me feel better. and enjoy the treats a little more...just a little less often. 

so wish me luck! and try it with me. aren't you curious if you could do it too?

happy april!


Molly said...

Good luck! I know I can totally do it. I did it a few weeks ago and lost 6 pounds in one week (ahem, breastfeeding...). I have actually barely been eating sweets at all. 1) We don't have many in our house, and 2) I've been trying hard not to bring my lunch and not buy anything at work. I have been allowing myself some ice cream at night, though. Compared to my constant snacking on sweets, a little ice cream is impressive. :)

t.t.turner said...

I'm SO with you. Thank you!

Ben & Eva Pearson said...

Good luck! I'm with you on the green-ish bananas. :)

carolee said...

I'm with ya, Maren. I'm off of white flour and sugar for April. Let's do this!

Emily said...

Well not in the month of Cadbury mini-eggs!!! Maybe next month? There'll always be something though won't there...I'm good with excuses!

Alysha said...

Spinach, berries, bananas and pineapple juice-blend and enjoy!

Alyse Burt said...

I'm in too! I have our cruise coming up for extra motivation!

Morgan said...

i'm in! race season is in full swing for me, and i am so sick of feeling like crap because of what i eat. i also, like you, need to prove to myself that i can do this, without having some sort of fitness challenge motivating me (which is what i did last fall). this week has been great so far.