Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my deep thoughts on a sleepless tuesday night

{seriously, it's 1:00 in the morning...}

it's a funny thing, life. 

not one of ours is the same. not even at the beginning. i've talked with many friends and we all have varying conception stories, pregnancy stories, birth or adoption stories. and that's just the entrance of one's life. then there's parents and siblings - or the lack thereof. and age differences. and family dynamics. and even that is just the start. 

our entire life is a unique combination of the circumstances we find ourselves in {whether by choice or not}, the people we become acquainted with {whether by choice or not}, and what we do with it all {most often by choice}. 

there's schools and friends and family and finances. social status and personality traits. jobs and living situations. disease. physical attributes. talents. hardship. temperament. religion. education. the list is truly endless. 

each one of us is so uniquely - and purposefully - being carved into us...connected in varying ways to a webful of friends and acquaintances who are also in the process of being uniquely and purposefully carved. all living life as a result of our ever-unique pasts and our dreams and desires for the future. 

some of us are truly happy with our lives thus far. others are hanging on by a thread. some are simply satisfied, but nothing more. others yearning for - and perhaps working toward - change. and yet we're all here together, for the same reason {or so i believe}. helping one another shuffle along because we all want the most out of life and to simply be happy. 

that's all. it's a funny thing, life.


JourneyBeyondSurvival said...


You are a lovely lovely breeze floating through our lives.

That's what you are.

Rach said...

Oh so wise!

heather said...

I've had this thought too while people watching(one of my favorite things to do), but you say it sooo much better:)