Monday, April 25, 2011

easter feast

we were lucky enough to share our easter feast with some good friends, one of which is an amazing cook. seriously amazing.

the menu included:

my first-ever glazed ham

mashed potatoes and gravy

green bean almondine

spinach salad

jello-o per sydney's request

homemade rolls

shirley temples

and personal pies with ice cream for dessert.

the kids {and ryan?} watched a movie so we could chat

kristen and i had fun in the kitchen

and ryan and david got their first ever picture together. somewhat reluctantly. these boys see each other every workday of the year and they've never had a picture together? they must be male.

we also dyed easter eggs. mba style. 

emery preferred the plastic variety. 

and i'm still full.


Karen Hauley said...

You're growing out your bangs?

t.t.turner said...

Those rolls look incredible!

Rebecca Parker said...

professional meal once again @ least per pics...are you sure those aren't from magazine?:) while i'm excited re: your scholarly destination, you really need to be careful with how you portray it-i do a double take every time:)

Michelle said...

your food looks soooo good! yummers!

Rob and Marseille said...

I love how your apron matches!