Sunday, April 24, 2011

a very happy easter indeed

i had a great week leading up to easter. i taught a special lesson for my young women on sunday. i thought about it and prepared for it a lot throughout the week. saturday night ryan and i attended the temple. saturday morning, i watched my step brother's little girl audrey while he and his wife went to the temple. friday night kristen and i went to the oakland interstake center to attend a performance of "the lamb of god" written by rob gardner. i sang in a number of performances under rob's direction in college and have some great memories of them. rob happened to be there and i was able to chat with him afterward, which was fun. sunday morning leah woke up and was in a great mood. we searched for easter baskets {ryan found his in record time. we need a bigger house!}. 

then we dressed in our sunday best {including the new arm braces i made for leah to match her easter dress! go me!!}. i sang in the choir at church and gave my lesson, which went pretty well. 

after church leah posed for us while taking pictures. 

it was an easter miracle. 

a very happy easter week for sure.


Colleen said...

Yeah for Easter miracles!!! I absolutely love the pictures, so does Chloe. She had been needing a Maren and Leah fix :-)

ed and kelli said...

leah. is. beautiful.

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

You guys are GORGEOUS! She did fabulous. Hooray for breakthroughs and glimpses. :) Leah is fetching.

Oh. And "Go YOU" for sure! I'm making Eva a weighted blanket...any tips? Do you love it still? if you want or the comments. I'm not begging, just pushy.