Friday, April 22, 2011

early office closing

today ryan called us around 1:00pm and asked if we could come get him at 2:00. his office was closing early for the holiday weekend. what a fun surprise! so, just after 2:00 when leah woke up, we hustled up to e.p.a. to pick him up. i had the beginnings of a migraine so when we got home, i popped a vitamin e {e for excedrine} and asked ryan to come get me in 10 minutes. he and leah went into her room to play. the giggling started almost immediately. i knew they were building towers, but wondered what else could be so funny. after 5 minutes, i had to go check. i opened the door and found this:

i honestly laughed out loud. and still laugh out loud when i think about it. they were having such a great time!

here's a glimpse into the real ryan. 

and the real leah. 
they stacked and destroyed for a loooooooong time.

and then about an hour later, i walked in to find this. 

my migraine was successfully thwarted in no time. 
i like early office closing days.

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