Saturday, April 2, 2011

i drove a minivan

i really did. a minivan. i vowed to never drive one of those things the day my mom and step dad sold ours and replaced it with a shiny new civic when i was a junior in high school. 

i watched miss sarah and mister kai while their mom ran in the cherry blossom 10 mile run in washington d.c. and all thee carseats won't fit in my shiny civic. so, a minivan i drove. 

i drove it to their house at 5:30am when my babysitting began. then back to my house to get leah ready for school. then to school to drop leah off where i successfully kept all three kids focused and away from the play structure. then i drove it to music makers where we ran and jumped and played and sang for an hour. then back to school to get leah. then i drove it home for naps. two kids successfully napped and one watched a movie while coming my hair. did you know you can train three year olds to comb and play with your hair {so long as they don't have rett syndrome}? i had no idea! it was amazing.

after naps, i drove the mini van to a park where we played and played and played. we swung in the swings {i got really good at pushing all three kids in turn}, played in the sand, collected rocks and jumped to ours hearts contents. kai wanted to ride the seahorse and didn't ask to get off for about a half hour. it was a great way to contain him! 

when we got home, we "decorated" pizza and had a yummy dinner with both dads. 

all in all a successful day with three kids {except for that part when sarah ran into a busy street}. but i'm still never buying a minivan.

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