Sunday, April 10, 2011

anne with an e

i've mentioned before that i'm completely comfortable being a nerd. i'm aware of it. and i'm okay with it. which is why i didn't even hesitate when the idea of having an anne of green gables party was brought up. of course ryan immediately scheduled a guys' night out as there is no way he would be caught at home when anne was on tv {even though he's the one who bought the movies for me!}. 

we had some tasty anne-themed treats and a very enthusiastic audience. it is hands down the best three and a half hour movie i've ever seen. 

 am in love with these popcorn bags.

 am also in love with these orange polka dot cupcake liners.

 yes, i really found a recipe for raspberry codial online. and yes, i really made it. it was delicious!
 leah was excited about the party until she realized it was her bedtime. next time leah, next time.

next time i watch, i'm doing so with a pen and pad of paper in hand so jot down all of the amazing quotes. 
matthew is still my favorite.
if you were on the guest list and are bummed you couldn't make it, we're having a sequel party. don't fear. 
if you weren't on the guest list and want to be, let me know!


Molly said...

Invite me to the sequel party!

Morgan said...

um... that is totally awesome!! i honestly think about you and our sierra condo apt every time i watch, or crave to watch those movies! love them so, so much! such a cute idea, and party!

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...


That's it. We're sistas from anotha mista.

We have already planned out my oldest's ninth birthday. It will be an Anne tea party. With possible mani/pedis to be determined. We are SO EXCITED!!!

And...if you promise not to tell...{shhhh}

*{i have the real deal cookbook}*


Okay. Dorkas out. ;)

Bethany said...

Everything about this is absolutely adorable.

Shannon said...

I really was JUST thinking about this party TODAY on my way home from work and kicking myself for not asking you how it went. Turns out, I found out today how it went! Looks like so much fun. I'm trying hard not to be sad that I missed such an event. It makes it easier knowing that there will be a sequel :).

p.s. my word verification is: nervies. I just thought that was funny. "I've got the nervies". haha.