Sunday, April 3, 2011

general conference

i thoroughly enjoyed conference this year. i listened to and took notes from 4 of 5 sessions, including the young women session the week before.

saturday morning i watched the session eating a delicious breakfast with the young women in our ward at my cousin's house. that jeff makes a mean belgian waffle. 

saturday afternoon we watched our friend and neighbor, livvy, while her parents toured the maternity wing of the hospital in anticipation of the birth of their second beautiful little girl. we colored pictures of the prophet and apostles, making sure that we colored their ties with the correct crayon color.
sunday morning i actually missed most of the session as we were cooking an incredible breakfast {with oven pancakes and homemade cinnamon rolls} with katzs and harmans {minus linds} and wrangling six kids. 
sunday afternoon i watched while ryan slept. 

overall, very successful. i've already watched some of them online again and am excited to read them in the ensign for the next few months - and years, i'm sure. 

i was uplifted and reenergized and i felt many of the messages were meant especially for me. 

if you're curious about these so-called general conferences, don't be shy, take a look! my favorite talk was the atonement covers all pain given by kent f. richards {the grandfather of one of my darling young women}.

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