Friday, December 13, 2013

Ward Christmas Party

Tonight was the annual Christmas party for our ward (church congregation). We have made some really great friends in our ward here and we are so grateful for that. It was fun to get together during the week to celebrate the season. 

A delicious ham meal was served (I have a serious love for ham) and a barbershop group serenaded us for the first half of the evening (I also have a serious love for barbershop music...I'm not kidding). I was in heaven! 

And to top it off, I got to listen to the music distraction free. Obviously kidding. I was at the back of the gym wrastling these two little ladies. They sure have some sweet dance moves.

After the show and dinner, we decided to let the girls have a visit with Santa. 

Apparently Kate would have rather been tortured by water boarding? She screamed and screamed and promised me that next year, if we don't make her see Santa, she'll actually sit quietly during the entertainment and she will kindly eat the food she is given. Lesson learned. 

If my Christmas cards hadn't already been printed and mailed, I would have seriously considered this one as a candidate. 

Ward party success. 

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Rob and Marseille said...

haha- I LOVE Leah's face as Kate is throwing a fit/trying to get down.