Friday, December 13, 2013

Winter Concert

Leah participated in her elementary school's annual Winter Concert today. Each grade sings 2-4 songs in addition to a performance by the band and orchestra. I was extremely impressed by the caliber of the performances - especially from the music teacher who accompanied every single song! 

The kindergarteners sang Up on the Housetop complete with Santa hats and beards and they also sang a song about puppies that was really darling. Each student had to bring in a stuffed toy puppy. I'm not huge on stuffed animals, so Leah doesn't have many, but I remembered that a puppy was one of the three stuffed things I owned as a little girl, so I searched through my childhood boxes and found the puppy that I used to keep on my bed!

Leah did a great job. Though she can't sing, she does communicate with her eyes and she did so great looking at her pictures each time her class had a part. I was actually really impressed with her accuracy! 

Nice work Miss Leah!!
 Leah walking to the stage with her fabulous morning para, Mrs. Stoneking
 Singing Up on the Housetop
 Looking at her picture cards as her class sang "Yip Yip Yip" (their puppy sound)
Smiling when she found us in the crowd!

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