Wednesday, February 12, 2014

ca travelogue part three: Tuck family

Mother Nature tried her very best to ruin the second part of my trip. Really, she did. But does she really think she even holds a candle to my Tuck family? Dartmouth is in New Hampshire, after all. California rain has NOTHING on New Hampshire weather. Give us some credit!

I spent the next few days at the Holbrook's house in the east bay. I planned to run a 14 miler on some trails near her house Friday morning, but with the rain, logistics of shuttling kids around, not knowing the area and (honestly) just not wanting to spend a few hours of my precious time running solo in a strange place, I opted for five miles on a beautifully rainy trail with Michelle instead. 

And, because we had extra time, we made a pit stop at Johnny's donuts (I promise, I usually eat 1-2 donuts a YEAR, not two in two days) and Trader Joe's. I think we made the right choice. 

Friday night we ordered in Chinese food and watched the athletes from the USA enter the stadium in Sochi in their horrific sweaters. I was wearing some pretty crazy pants that day, and I still think those sweaters were ridiculous. 

Saturday the lovely Andrea drove up from Mountain View and we all drove into the city together for a fabulous girl's day. Though, we made sure to invite sweet little Beau, who I was so excited to meet! 

We didn't get to do everything on our wish list (which was way too ambitious to begin with), but we did get in some serious shopping (even down to the matching cardigans -  how did we not get a picture?), serious walking (as in probably 10 miles) and serious eating (um, a LOT of eating). 

This picture is as close to the Golden Gate Bridge as we got - the rain forbade us from seeing even a corner. 

Our boots were soaked through, our umbrellas bent skyward and we even lost a hat or two. But, we filled our bellies with sourdough bread, our faces were sore from smiling and laughing and I even completed my donut trifecta for the weekend at Trish's Mini Donuts at Fisherman's Wharf. Why not, right? 

A fabulous few days with some ladies who became my family during our stint as north easterners. Can't wait to see them and their families in Boston! 

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Michelle said...

best weekend ever. ever.