Wednesday, February 12, 2014

CA travelogue part two: my Rett family

The first stop on my California adventure was, sadly, cut short due to my flight delays. But, trusty Colleen was willing to change up all of her plans for the day to come and get me later that night. It was such a good feeling to see her pull up to the curb at the airport, smiling ear to ear. Two and a half years is just too long to go without seeing certain faces in person. And hers is one of them.

On our way south to her house, we drove right through my old neighborhood, stopping at IKEA right across the road from Ryan's old office and then at In-N-Out a half mile from my old apartment(s). When we got to her house, her two littles were sound asleep, but I had a great time chatting with Colleen and Jared (her husband and Ryan's Rett-dad-partner-in-crime). I slept on their lovely new couch and woke in the morning to the sound of Chloe's feet tip toeing across the floor so as to not wake me. I spent the morning watching their routine and it was perfect. That foursome works hard together, and they do it well. 

It was good for my soul to see Claire again and to see how far she has come since I last saw her. She has so much light in her eyes and she just filled me with so much joy. 

I had a blast with Chloe imagining my future with Kate. These little Rett siblings are something else. 

After Jared left for work and the girls were dropped off at school, Colleen and I hit up her favorite coffee spot where I enjoyed a delicious cup of hot cocoa, which was perfect for the drizzly morning. 

And then we went to the beach. I didn't even have to tell Colleen to drive there. She knew I wanted to go. And she knew that the rain wouldn't stop that desire. I took off my boots (she politely asked if she could keep her shoes on!) and I enjoyed every moment of the sand between my toes. Sun or not, there's something therapeutic about the waves and the cliffs and the tide pools there. 

After our quick walk on the beach, we drove north again, this time to Oakland to meet up with Erica (another fabulous Rett mom) for lunch at the Mixing Bowl. It was delicious. It was like no time had passed since we all did this last. And it was much, much too short. 

So, we lengthened it out a bit by stopping off at a wickedly delicious donut shop in a back alley around the corner. If you ever find yourself in Oakland, take a pit stop at Donut Dolly. You will NOT be disappointed. Made fresh daily, and seriously injected with the goodness of your choosing right before your very eyes. 

After lunch, Colleen had to head back home to pick up her girls, so I hung out at Erica's office until I was picked up for part two. So yes, part one was far too short and a little colder than I had anticipated, but at the same time, it was exactly what I needed.   

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