Tuesday, February 25, 2014


And just like that, my baby girl turned seven years old. SEVEN. It's unbelievable. I'd say it needs to stop, but she's just so darn cute and so, so incredible, I kind of want the awesomeness to continue. 

We had a whirlwind weekend celebrating the commencement of her newfound seven-ness. Since her birthday was on Saturday, we took a pan full of "7" sugar cookies for her kindergarten class to enjoy on Friday. Kate was thoroughly pleased to be a school guest and wear the lanyard that said so. She also loved the leftover cookies at home.

After Kate and I went home, I put her down for a nap and then got a call from Leah's school saying Leah was just not being herself. She was crying and responding in the affirmative when asked if she didn't feel well/something hurt. Since we all know Leah doesn't shy away from the spotlight, I knew she had to really not be feeling well to be talked into going home early on her big day. So, I woke Kate up and we went to pick up Leah. Sure enough, she was weepy and all-around kind of pathetic looking. Which is so strange because she was fine a few hours earlier! 

I was worried because we were leaving at 4pm for a weekend retreat with some special needs families in the area and I really didn't want to have to bail. So, we set up her sick bed on the couch and she fell right asleep. She slept for a few hours and when she woke up, she seemed so much better. I asked her if she still wanted to go to the retreat and she said yes! 

Her actual birthday was spent at the retreat with games, toys, movies, bowling, a magician, a ball pit, swimming, balloons, presents and more. It was basically a seven year old's dream come true. We took a few presents to open up in the hotel room, but saved most for home. 

We went straight to church from the retreat on Sunday morning where Leah got to BE a cupcake. 

When we got home, she opened the rest of her presents (um, SPOILED! from family and friends!). This is how Kate felt about me taking pictures of only Leah. 

After presents we had a combined cake and ice cream celebration for Leah and our good friend Haley. Please don't judge her cake. We had lofty Magic Treehouse plans, but not being home all weekend changed that idea pretty quickly.

And the celebration didn't stop there! A few people stopped by on Monday with gifts, including cute Mr. M who brought her GREEN flowers. He knows the way to Leah's heart...the color green! 

And at her school, the PTA has a fun program where a child can get a name plate in a book for their birthday each year. The child picks a book from a list and then the birthday child gets to be the first one in the whole school to check it out. It's really fun and Leah loved it. 

But the very best gift came the following day at her annual well-check appointment. As of February 24 at 4pm, Leah is officially ON THE CHARTS. This is serious, people. Leah hasn't been on the charts since her first year of life. We're talking first percentile here with a BMI that will not include talks of a g-tube. Hooray for Leah! 

Looks like #7, in true #7 form, is off to a lucky start. Which is perfect because we sure feel lucky to have this incredible 7 year old in our lives.

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